Quotes from Life Out of Balance

Judy: You're pregnant?
Lily: No, I'm late.

Lily: I'm late.
Rick: For?

Rick: You sure you're okay?
Lily: Yeah. Maybe not as okay as you.

Zoe: Aunt Judy bought me makeup.
Lily: She did?
Judy: Just call me Auntie Mame.

Rick: Is this Christie Parker's drop-dead gorgeous assistant?
Lily: No, it's her middle-aged evil twin.

Rick: Koyaanisqatsi.
Lily: What?
Rick: It's a Hopi word. It means "Life out of balance."

Lily: It's less fattening if you take tiny little bites.

Judy: Sometimes I think love is this fog and you have to wait for it to burn off before you have any idea who the other person is.

Rick: I may not know much about anything else in my life, but I know that everything I want is right here.
Lily: The laundry room?
Rick: Yeah, the laundry room... and the garbage, and the dented car, and Eli's hair, and... and... and a baby, maybe, if that's what we want.
Lily: A baby maybe?
Rick: Shut up.
Lily: Make me.

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