Quotes from Feast or Famine

Jessie: I hate bananas.
Rick: Who hates bananas?

Peg: How's the band?
Eli: Pretty good.
Peg: Are you playing all over the place?
Eli: We actually have to get good before we can do that.

Rick: Mom, in honor of you I got the really good kind of take-out.
Peggy: I am honored.

Eli: Hey, grandma, any cute guys after you back in Kansas City?
Peg: Oh, I was seeing omseon for a while but it was just sex.
Jessie: Grandma!
Eli: Way to go, Peg!
Rick: "Way to go, Peg," what?
Peg: Never you mind.

Peg: You wouldn't believe this, but I haven't always been this wonderful.

Lily: Barbara and Peg? Oil and water. Nixon and McGovern. That's not fair.

Peg: It's a teenagers right to ruin his future.

Rick: You know how I feel about this, okay, so don't put yourself in the middle.
Peg: I haven't said a word in four years.
Rick: Trust me, the silence has been deafening.

Rick: We're gonna have a nice dysfunctional holiday dinner like all good Americans.
Peg: I can't wait.

Peg: That was Rick when he was ten. And he built a fort, remember?
Jessie: Dad? A fort?
Peg: Yes, his father made him draw up the plans for it.
Grace: Is that when you decided to become an architect?
Rick: No, that's when I decided not to.

Rick: I don't know why I get so sad at holidays. There's no reason. I have more to be thankful for than almost anybody, and I can admit that... any day of the year except Thanksgiving.

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