Quotes from Edifice Wrecked

Miles: We're all prone to a certain amount of fear, but to spread fear, deliberately, is like coughing without covering one's mouth.

David: I found you annoying.
Christie: I am annoying. I found you pretentious.
David: Can I have your number?
Christie: Absolutely. Here. Never call.
David: That's the plan.

Rick: I'm sure that they had to tear something down to build the Empire State Building, y'know, and you wouldn't want to not have the Empire State Building. Would you?
Grace: Why not?

Miles: The question is, what are you willing to do?
Rick: To fight this injuction?
Miles: For greatness.

Rick: Grace!
Grace: You can't order me around, you're not my father!
Rick: I realize that!

Jessie: I just thought I should put it on, y'know, just in case it made her feel better. 'Cause, I mean, you have somebody, y'know, she doesn't. I thought somebody should be on her side.

Lily: Are you hungry? I could scramble... something.

Lily: I want you to want to marry me because you want to spend your life with me. Not because you're scared... to be alone.
Rick: I'm not scared to be alone. I am alone.

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