2nd Season

#1 Wake Up, Little Susie
#2 Booklovers
#3 I Can't Stand Up (for Falling Down)
#4 Feast or Famine
#5 Ozymandias 2.0
#6 Food for Thought
#7 Scribbling Rivalry
#8 Learner's Permit
#9 Life Out of Balance
#10 Love's Laborer's Lost
#11 Theives Like Us
#12 Suspicion
#13 Edifice Wrecked
#14 The Other End of the Telescope
#15 Standing Room Only
#16 Aaron's Getting Better
#17 Forgive Us Our Trespasses
#18 Best of Enemies
#19 Armageddon
#20 Won't Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight
#21 Moving On
#22 The Second Time Around

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#1 Wake Up, Little Susie: Aired Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Jessie has a hard time adjusting to high school, and Grace is not much help. Grace makes a new wild friend named Carla. Rick and Lily almost get busted sleeping together in Lily's living room by Grace and Zoey. When Lily picks up Jessie from school and entertains her at PagesAlive.com with Grace and Zoey, Lily and Rick decide it's time for their kids to get to know each other better. Jessie thinks Grace hates her. Jessie and Grace both don't appreciate the other being forced upon them.

#2 Booklovers: Aired Tuesday, October 31, 2000

To get her mind off Sam, Judy comes up with the idea to match up singles through her bookstore using Polaroid pictures and people's favorite books. She creates a board of singles, renames the store Booklovers, and then has a Friday night event where people can meet eachother in person. Lily thinks this is going to be another of Judy's bust ideas, and when Judy asks Lily to ask Christie to attend and maybe write an article about it for PagesAlive, Lily is reluctant. Christie ends up hearing about it through her spinning instructor and attends anyway, and Lily almost gets away with getting the credit for it until Christie lets it slip to Judy that Lily wasn't the one who brought it up. Lily feels terrible that somehow she didn't want her sister to succeed. Christie and David are interested in meeting eachother, but when they finally do so at Booklovers and don't know eachother's names, their first impressions turn eachother off. Judy hires a moody cutie named Will Gluck to fix her capuccino machine, and ends up also hiring him to fix up the back alley of the store as a kind of patio. Judy worries that Will isn't up to the task, but he makes the patio beautiful, and a few sparks fly between them. Christie is stressed about her venture capitalists for PagesAlive sending in a new managing editor for the web site. Jake puts his picture up on Judy's singles board even though he's dating Tiffany, and Phil's Restaurant's bartender, Rosie, spots it and keeps Tiffany from seeing it. Tiffany wants to be Jake's new bartender since Rosie is leaving. Judy strikes up a friendship with Karen. Booklovers is a great success.

#3 I Can't Stand Up (for Falling Down): Aired Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Rick and Karen worry about Eli when he starts a band instead of concentrating on getting into college. Jennifer and Eli end up sleeping together while working on songs together, but remain just friends. Karen yells at Leo for interfering with her children when he gets Eli's band their first gig.

#4 Feast or Famine: Aired Tuesday, November 21, 2000

During Thanksgiving, both Rick and Lily's mothers come to visit. Rick's mother, Peg, is a fabulous vibrant woman who gets along with everyone, including Lily and her kids. The two families come together for an awkward but fun Thanksgiving dinner that includes Lily and Judy's brother Aaron. Rick gets depressed during the holiday, and Lily is upset when he won't share his feelings with her. Rick's mother brings up some issues that Rick doesn't want to think about like his recovering alcoholic brother, Mikey, that he never talks to, the baggage left by Rick's father, and the fact that Jessie isn't eating very much.

#5 Ozymandias 2.0: Aired Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Rick's partner, David, is starting to get really sick of Miles Drentell's attitude and lack of payment. Miles shows up with a possible huge new project and wants to host a dinner party in Rick and David's office for some important corporate types. Miles insists Rick bring Lily, while David isn't even invited. Rick and Lily show up, and Rick puts on a good show while Lily feels like she's not even supposed to be speaking. Rick impresses the corporate bigwigs and gets the job... and then David informs him that if it weren't for Rick, Miles would have lost funding for his original project. Rick is upset that Miles used him, but isn't ready to give up this incredible opportunity on principle alone. Rick pushes Eli to study while Eli would prefer to work on his music. Rick expresses to Eli that he's worried that Eli is doing what's fun now instead of working towards a life goal, and the decision of what he wants to do with his life may be taken away from him if he doesn't make it soon.

#6 Food for Thought: Aired Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Karen and Rick decide to take Jessie to a therapist because they're worried that she might be anorexic. There is a lot of public resentment regarding Rick's Atlantor project, and Karen is approached to represent the opposition. Rick and Karen end up talking to Jessie's therapist about some of their own problems in regards to how they might affect Jessie. Rick and Karen realize that they're still too entwined in each other's lives, so Karen decides to disregard Rick as a factor and takes the job representing the opposition to Atlantor. Grace tries to reach out to Jessie when she hears that the younger girl is in therapy. Karen is reminded that Leo is much younger than her. Jessie celebrates her birthday with a bowling party that Karen plans and everyone, including Leo, Lily, Grace, and Zoey, is there.

#7 Scribbling Rivalry: Aired Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Lily's workplace politics explode when a slick consultant is brought in and Christie immediately sees him as the enemy. Lily comes up with a great new content idea for the web site and then is horrified when she realizes that she subconsciously stole Judy's idea from the bookstore. Grace and Zoey are feuding at home since Grace is spending so much more time babysitting.

#8 Learner's Permit: Aired Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Grace gets her learner's permit and Jake teaches her how to drive. Grace has a crush on a guy in school named Pace, so Carla suggests that she go out with Pace's dorky friend, Spencer, to get Pace's attention. Grace underestimates the boys' friendship and is stunned when Pace pulls her aside and asks her not to break Spencer's heart. Pace ends up asking Grace about Carla. Grace tries to tell Spencer the truth, but he's oddly disarming and they end up bantering instead. Grace catches her father out with a woman other than Tiffany. Tiffany, now bartending at Phil's, realizes that she's wasting her time with Jake and breaks up with him. Jake wonders why he can't find love with a woman when he's obviously capable of love since he loves his daughters so much. Jake worries that his love life is giving Grace the wrong impression of what relationships are supposed to be like.

#9 Life Out of Balance: Aired Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Eli dies his hair blue, gets suspended from the basketball team, and is easily seduced by Grace's friend Carla. Grace is pissed when Carla goes after Eli, and it's not clear whether she's jealous about Eli or just that Carla makes things happen in her life. Lily tells Rick about her period being late and they're both relieved when her pregnancy test is negative. Lily is worried that Rick seemed almost too relieved, but Rick assures her that he won't run out on her like Jake did after Zoey was born, and that they could even consider having kids together someday. Judy admits to Lily that she wishes she had her older sister's problems... except she'd prefer the pregnancy test were positive.

#10 Love's Laborer's Lost: Aired Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Judy finds herself dating two men, one of whom is perfect for her on paper, and another of whom she can't keep her hands off of. She ends up breaking up with the first when she finds him strangely shallow and impossible to connect with, and breaks it off with the second when she recognizes that he doesn't fit into her future. Judy wonders if she's wasted the best years of her life and she's doomed to be alone. Carla keeps taunting Eli into doing bad things that have a high risk of getting busted, and finally Eli tells her that he doesn't appreciate it and he doesn't want to seek out trouble like she does. When she bursts into tears, he apologizes and their relationship goes straight back to what it was: Carla sneaks into Eli's room and almost gets him busted by his father.

#11 Theives Like Us: Aired Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Jessie is trying hard to convince everyone that she's eating more, but she's actually started hiding food. Grace hangs out with Eli and Carla at Rick's apartment. For some reason she snatches a thing of glitter from Jessie's room, and it turns out that Jessie originally stole it from Karen. Eli blames Carla for stealing it, but Jessie figures out that it's Grace when Zoey steals the glitter from her older sister and shows it to Jessie. Grace tries to return the glitter, but can't find it because her little sister stole it. While in Jessie's room she spots some hidden pizza from a Lily and Rick family dinner the night before at Rick's apartment. Rick and Grace go shopping together for a birthday present for Lily. Rick spies in Karen's briefcase and realizes that she's having Miles trailed by a private investigator. Rick has trouble keeping the information from Miles.

#12 Suspicion: Aired Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Karen starts to wonder what she's doing with Leo, and her confusion is exacerbated when Leo promises to take Jessie to the museum and then lets her down. Karen comes to the conclusion that to protect her children she has to break up with Leo sooner rather than later, so she does so. Lily is sort of enjoying flirting with Graham at the office until he tells her he has real feelings for her. Christy, afraid for the company, tells Lily to ignore it, but when Graham plants an unwanted kiss on her she can no longer do so. She finally admits to Rick what's going on but insists he let her take care of it herself. She makes sure Christy is there as a witness and then warns Graham that if he ever does anything like that again she will sue him and make sure he is fired.

#13 Edifice Wrecked: Aired Wednesday, February 14, 2001

The community is up in arms over Rick's big Atlantor project. A womens' shelter, led by Karen, tries to get an injunction to keep from being torn down, but they aren't successful. Grace joins the protestors outside the construction site and Rick thinks she might be lashing out at him. David and Christie go out on a date. Christie ends up writing an article for the web site about divorced couples from hell and writes about Rick and Karen. David, fed up with Miles and the protests and everything, quits his and Rick's partnership. Eli asks Grace's advice on what to get Carla for Valentine's Day. Rick proposes to Lily on Valentine's Day and she isn't able to accept.

#14 The Other End of the Telescope: Aired Wednesday, March 7, 2001

Grace goes to work in the family restaurant as a hostess for the day so that she can spend her father's birthday with him. Spencer Lewicki brings his grandmother to the restaurant for her 75th birthday so that he can flirt with Grace. Tiffany arrives to wish Jake a happy birthday and tell him something. The cook, Giancarlo, picks a fight with an unhappy busboy named Bennie. Jake sends Bennie home for the day, but Bennie soon returns with a gun and demands to see Giancarlo to get an apology. Bennie ends up holding a good portion of the restaurant hostage, including Spencer's grandmother who might be having a heart attack. Spencer starts to fall apart and Grace kisses him to help him keep it together. Tiffany tells Jake that she's pregnant. Lily is desperate with worry about Grace and leans on Rick for support. Jake heroically defuses the situation, getting Bennie to let everyone go. Bennie then lets Jake go as well and commits suicide in the restaurant. Jake thinks the restaurant is ruined due to the bad press and leans on Tiffany for support. Lily finally accepts Rick's proposal.

#15 Standing Room Only: Aired Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Jake is miserable when the restaurant's business is almost completely dead, and Tiffany tells Grace and Lily about her pregnancy before Jake has a chance to. Feeling trapped, he assures Tiffany that he'll be a father to their baby, but he doesn't want to marry her. Tiffany hopes he'll feel differently when the baby comes. Rick and Lily announce their engagement and decide that Rick and his kids should move into Lily's house. Even before the move is official the cramped quarters cause tensions between the two families and between Lily and Rick themselves.

#16 Aaron's Getting Better: Aired Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Grace acts like she and Spencer are a couple now, but Spencer is still recovering from his hostage experience and says that he's not ready to have a girlfriend right now. Lily and Judy's brother Aaron, who is doing much better on a new medication, comes to stay at Lily's house for awhile. Even though Judy warns her, Lily pushes him a little too hard to be normal and be around a lot of people, and he ends up freaking out. That aside, he really is doing much better, and Lily asks him to be at her wedding.

#17 Forgive Us Our Trespasses: Aired Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Grace and Zoey find out that Jake's cheating on Tiffany with his new bartender. Lily feels bad for Tiffany and tries to give her some old baby clothes. Tiffany is incredibly grateful, but suggests Lily give them to Judy. Judy appreciates what she sees as a vote of confidence from Lily. Lily tries to get Jake to pay for ice damage to the roof, but Jake thinks she's trying to get him to pay for converting the attic into a studio for Rick. This sparks a huge fight which brings home to Jake what a lousy husband he was. Lily and Graham work together on a project for PagesAlive.com and Lily is disgusted when he starts hitting on Christie's temporary assistant. Lily and Graham finally come to an understanding, and Lily realizes that some of her resentment towards Graham is due to her feelings about Jake and how their marriage ended. Judy thinks her ex, Paul, might be stalking her, but it turns out that it was Will Gluck trying to talk to her and chickening out. Jake loses his most loyal customer, Paul, after telling him to stay away from Judy and shoving him around.

#18 Best of Enemies: Aired Wednesday, April 4, 2001

When Lily asks for Judy's help planning the wedding, she realizes that Judy doesn't actually like Rick and isn't supportive of their union. Lily confides in Rick and Rick and Judy have a civil conversation in which they at least agree that they both have Lily's best interests at heart. Judy admits to Lily that she's worried about Rick taking her place as Lily's best friend. When Grace hears about Jessie fainting at school, she confides in Judy who calls Karen about it. Karen and Rick decide to take Jessie's therapist's advice and take away her privileges if she doesn't eat certain amounts every day. Grace is excited about the upcoming school ski trip, but Rick and Karen aren't sure they're going to allow Jessie to attend. On Rick and Lily's advice, Grace asks Jessie to work with her on the school book fair. Judy is also helping out, and Judy bonds with Jessie over the difficulties of high school. Judy admits to Jessie that she was bulimic when she was a teenager, and gives her a helpful book to read. When Rick tells Karen he thinks Jessie should be allowed to go on the ski trip, Karen turns to Jessie's therapist, Dr. Rosenfeld, for help with her own control issues. Karen finally allows Jessie to go.

#19 Armageddon: Aired Wednesday, April 11, 2001

An investigation into the Atlantor project is launched by the District Attorney's office. Rick finds himself on the defensive in front of the grand jury and his family is horrified when marshals come to search his home during dinner. Rick has trouble talking to Lily about what's going on. Miles admits to Rick that he's dying of cancer. Karen is approached by Bob Dumanjik from the District Attorney's office. She gives him her notes from her case against Atlantor and asks him to make sure that Rick is not indicted. He can't make her any promises. There is definitely an attraction between Karen and Dumanjik.

#20 Won't Someone Please Help George Bailey Tonight: Aired Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Rick is not indicted, but when work halts on the Atlantor project and he is ambushed by a low-brow talk-show host, his world starts to fall apart. His business is in shambles, since Atlantor was his only client, and his first reaction is to push Lily away. He actually tells her that he can't marry her, because he has nothing to give her, but she tells him that she loves him and wants to work through this with him. Lily is hesitant to talk to Judy about her problems since Judy isn't very fond of Rick and is friendly with Karen. Karen tries to fight her attraction to the Bob Dumanjik, the assistant district attorney, while he actively pursues her. They share a few stolen kisses, one of which Rick catches sight of, before agreeing that they can't be together due to professional conflict of interest. Rick goes to visit a very ill Miles Drentell, returns the miniature carved turtle, and tells the old man how much he hates him. Rick recalls the sudden death of his father.

#21 Moving On: Aired Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Rick moves into Lily's house with Jessie and Eli. Carla tells Eli that her evil step-mother is thinking of sending her away to rehab again, since she thinks Carla stole pills from the medicine cabinet, so Eli asks Grace to ask Carla to stay with her. Eli finds out he didn't get into college... and admits to his dad that he only applied to one. Lily is not so pleased when she finds Carla and Eli half-naked in Eli's new attic bedroom. Lily is even less pleased when she finds pills missing from her own medicine cabinet. Lily talks to Carla's step-mother, and Carla gets called the principal's office. Carla finds Eli and tells him she's leaving town. He says he wants to go with her. She tells him to meet her at the bus station that night. Grace finds Eli packing and Eli confides in her what's going on. Grace cracks at dinner and tells Rick where Eli is. Carla sneaks in Grace's window to say goodbye and ask for some money. Carla tells Grace that she's not going with Eli. Rick finds Eli at the bus station, alone. Eli helps Rick move the last of their stuff into Lily's house. Carla takes off by herself.

#22 The Second Time Around: Aired Wednesday, May 2, 2001

With the failure of Rick's architecture firm and Jake's restaurant, neither Rick nor Lily can really afford a big wedding, but continue trying to pull one off for each other. It isn't until the rehearsal that they realize that neither of them really wants or can afford it, so they call it off at the last minute and end up getting married with just the family and Will Gluck as minister. Carla writes to Grace that she doesn't miss Eli, and Grace hides the letter from Eli and tells him the opposite. Eli finds the letter and reads what Carla wrote. Grace comforts him and they come close to sharing a kiss. Lily is comforted by the presence of her father's spirit. Lily realizes that she went straight from her father to Jake, and from Jake to Rick, and she admires Judy and Grace for being brave enough to be alone. Zoe loses her little mirror and Rick wins points when he miraculously finds it. On Karen's advice, Jessie sings a beautiful song from her childhood at the wedding.

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