Season 2, Episode 21: Moving On

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AKA: "The Girl Who Came to Dinner (Busted)"

Aired: Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Rating: 6.4/11


Written by Sue Paige & Daniel Paige
Directed by Ken Collins

Guest starring
Audrey Marie Anderson as Carla Aldrich
Melora Hardin as Samantha Aldrich
Lisa Dinkins as Miss Frankel
Margaret Easley as Marlys
Featured music
"Your House" by Jonatha Brooke

It was so cute and sisterly when Jessie put her hand over Zoe's eyes when Eli and Carla kissed over the banister.

I think there were no black and white interviews in this episode. Too bad, there could have been some good ones with Rick, Eli, Carla, and Grace.

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