Quotes from Outside Hearts

Grace: "When I get my license, she's gonna teach me how to get out of tickets by crying."

Rick: "You have a dog puppet on your back."
Lily: "It's not a puppet."
Rick: "Whatever it is I can't kiss you with it staring at me like that."

Lily: "When I'm away from the kids I'm always thinking the house is gonna blow up. Especially when Judy's with them."

Grace's friend: "How can people with such good bodies be so nice?"
Grace: "They don't even want us there. They're just being nice because his dad's doing it with my mom. It's like a mercy invite."

Grace: "I hate you."
Judy: "You don't hate me. I'm not your mother."

Rick: "Why do I feel, sometimes, that I'm just pretending to be his father?"

Judy: "Oh no, not the khaki one, it's so Kennebunkport."

Judy: "We're trying to decide what Gracie should wear to this party tomorrow, but your closet is making me sad."

Grace: "Since I kinda wanna go and I never wanna go it seems like you should let me go."

Lily: "Can we make a rule in bed not to mention the names of our children or exes?"

Rick: "Karen used to keep this running list of all the things a toddler could fit into an electrical outlet. What was it? Comb handle..."
Karen: "Nail file, screwdriver, tweezers, pen cap, fork handle..."
Rick: "As if knowing all the possibilites meant that she could never surprised by something she didn't know could fit in there."

Grace: "I tried on mom's sweater and a I look like a marshmallow."
Judy: "Gracie..."
Zoe: "I like marshmallows."

Lily: "I called three times, but I felt bad about it, so I went to the gift shop and bought Zoe a monkey."

Rick: "Maybe it's biology. We don't worry the way women do because we don't know what it's like to carry a child. Just like they don't know what it's like to carry... I'm looking for some kind of sports analogy."

Rick: "You have cornerd the market on worry. There's very little left for me."
Karen: "Well, I worry because you don't."
Rick: "No, Karen, you make an art of worrying. I couldn't possibly compete."

Judy: "Well, at least I come from a rich literary tradition of lonely Ramen-eating aunts."

Lily: "You'd make a wonderful mother."
Judy: "I've only ever made sure I didn't have kids, y'know. I'm afraid I don't deserve them."
Lily: "None of us do."

Lily: "Deciding to have kids means forever letting your heart walk around outside your body."

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