Quotes from The Past Is Prologue

David: "Rick has no manners so I'll introduce myself."
Rick: "You're just afraid I'm going to tell her the truth about you."
Lily: "You must be David."
David: "I have that misfortune, yes."
Lily: "Hi."
David: "God, you said she was only okay looking."
Rick: "Shut up."
Lily: "Oh, that's okay, he told me you have no talent and he's completely carried you all these years."

Rick: "Tell me a great story."
Lily: "Don't get me started."
Rick: "I want you to get started."

Lily to Rick: "I believe how much I love being in love with you."

Lily: "How do you know I didn't?"
Rick: "I have instruments attached to you that measure that sort of thing."

Lily: "What if you're a workaholic?"
Rick: "I'm more of a worry-holic."

Jessie: "Y'know, I think I'm gonna call it Vodka Mockingbird instead of Tequila Mockingbird."
Eli: "You should have her, like, evaluated."

Grace: "When did you get that sweater?"
Lily: "This is my sweater."
Grace: "Mom, I live in your closet. I've never seen that sweater before."
Lily: "I have to start registering everything that I buy?"
Grace: "Yes."

Rick: "See, the secret truth was is that Karen was my whole life, and the thought that she didn't believe in me was like death. I would do anything to be a man in her eyes."

Rick: "Karen never forgave me. All I wanted was her respect, and I ended up losing her love."

Rick: "My father worked 70 hours a week for 30 years. He was an engineer for the city. He could fix anything. He loved the precision of machines. People were the problem. They never behaved according to plan."

Rick: "I get mad at you so rarely, E, I guess I'm not very good at it when I do."

Eli to Rick: "I'm not as a good as you are, I'm not as tall as you are, and I'm not as smart."

Judy: "Has someone warned you that she's actually very mean?"
Rick: "I'm sure I will find that out for myself. Lily: "Listen, I'm so sorry about... The last thing you had to deal with was me having a melt-down."
Rick: "That was a melt-down?"
Lily: "Well, a mini-melt."
Rick: "Is that like a tuna melt? I'm sorry, I'm so tired."

Rick: "You love watching me work."
Lily: "Of course I love watching you work."
Rick: "Why?"
Lily: "You're sexy."

Rick: "I don't want to be one of those guys who works 70 hours a week 'til the end of his life and then thinks, 'What did I do?' Or dies before he has the chance. But I might need some help with that."
Lily: "I can do that."

Rick: "I want you so badly, right here, right now."
Lily: "Oh, where the hell did you come from?"

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