Quotes from There Be Dragons

Jessie: "Why can't I stay up past midnight? What's the big deal?"
Rick: "Because that is when little girls turn into toads!"

Lily: "I keep wondering when to officially consider myself middle-aged. My sister says it's when you go from looking good to looking good for your age."

Jessie: "Daddy, I think I just got my period."

Jessie: "I like that she's not all flustery."
Rick: "I do too."

Rick: "I'm so glad that you're here."
Lily: "That's the medication talking."

Rick: "I hate hospitals, just hate them. They're just not very hospitable."

Jake: "You've gotten feistier."
Lily: "No, I've gotten smarter."

Lily: "We slept together exactly twelve hours after we met."

Jessie: "Mom, that dress is so ten minutes ago."
Karen: "And so forty-five dollars ago."

Lily: "Jake, what is it that you want?"
Jake: "What do I want? I want you."

Lily to Jake: "You can't just kiss people like that and expect to get away with it."

Lily: "Pretty soon I figured out the more I talked the less he wanted me."

Jake: "We're not done yet, Lily. You know it and I know it."

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