Quotes from Unfinished Business

Grace: "You want to watch me faint on stage when I forget my lines?"
Phil: "I'll shout them out to you."
Grace: "That's what I'm afraid of."

Lily: "If you ever want to know how you were raised, just watch your parents with your children."

Lily: "Judy, please don't be mean to me. My life is off the map."

Phil: "It'll take more than a mid-sized to kill me."
Jake: "I don't doubt it for a moment."

Lily: "I don't think I'm ever going to answer the phone again."

Lily: "I like men, I really do. They're like these big messy creatures who are so oblivious with each other. They just have to act like everything is okay all the time."

Jake to Grace: "Honey, you're too big for daddy to pick up anymore, okay."

Lily: "Do you have any coffee?"
Judy: "Not unless elves made it."

Lily: "How did you handle this at fourteen?"
Rick: "Who says I handled it?"

Rick: "People think that just because it happens to everyone that losing a parent is supposed to be bearable, but it's... it's really not."

Lily: "He really loved you, you know that."
Grace: "It was kinda hard to miss."

Grace: "It wasn't him anymore. Grampa always had this look in his eye and you always knew what he was thinking, and his skin was all, like, rosy, and now it's just gone. And then I realized, that's what they were talking about, all those times in Sunday school, about people having souls, and I never thought it was an actual thing, but his is gone. You can just feel it."

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