Quotes from The Gingerbread House

Naomi: "Lily, you're not talking about muffins here, this is a gingerbread house from scratch, this is hard. Remember childbirth? This is harder. So is this for Rick?"
Lily: "What? No. I would never do Rick a gingerbread house. He'd probably just renovate it or something."

Zoe: "That's what I really want for Christmas: snow. Well, that and lingerie."

Jessie: "I just have to find my other boot."
Karen: "Oh, missing footwear, how unusual."
Rick: "Well, that didn't stop Cinderella."

Judy to Lily about Rick: "Get him an emotion since he has just the one."

Judy: "What did you do?"
Lily: "I slept with Jake."

Rick: "I should probably let you go."
Lily: "I guess so."

Rick: "I trust you. I do. And I'm happy that I trust you, because tomorrow is Christmas Eve and because you have frosting in your hair, and because I can't be angry at you, I just can't. So let's just... okay? That's all I came to say."
Lily: "I slept with Jake. Once. One time. A few weeks ago. And I don't know how it happened, and I am not sure that I even think it was completely wrong, but, um, I know that keeping it from you is just hurting my heart. And I can't be like that, I can't be like him and keep secrets. I can't. I mean, well, apparently I can, but I don't want to do that, not ever again. And I'm sorry, because I know that I've hurt you, and I know that this is the last thing you expected to hear, and you may choose not to forgive me."
Rick: "Well, you're right."

Zoe: "They made it all up, didn't they."
Grace: "Sort of. Well, the part about the cookies anyway."
Zoe: "I can't believe how stupid I was."
Grace: "I was stupider. I believed in Santa Claus for, like, a really long time."
Zoe: "You did?"
Grace: "Way longer than you. You know, you don't have to completely not belive in it."
Zoe: "I don't?"
Grace: "No. You can believe in it, like, a little bit. That's what I did... for awhile."
Zoe: "I might do that."

Lily: "The beauty of gingerbread is that it can always be repaired. The cracks and mistakes are what make your house unique."

Lily: "I told Rick."
Judy: "You idiot. Wow, there's a tiny little gingerbread woman in there, putting a teeny tiny gumdrop gun to her head because she didn't listen to her sister. Oh, look, now she's putting down the tiny gun, putting on her teeny tiny gingerbread coat, swallowing her gingerbread pride, and going after him."

Lily: "Rick, I'm in love with you!"

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