Season 1, Episode 14: Sneaky Feelings

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Aired: Monday, January 31, 2000


Written by Sue Paige & Daniel Paige
Directed by Claudia Weill

Guest starring
James Eckhouse as Lloyd Lloyd
Mark Feuerstein as Leo
Kimberly McCullough as Jennifer
Alexandra Holden as Cassidy
Dennison Samaroo as Saj
Nealla Gordon as Mrs. Sepnefski
Charles Walker as Craig
Jason Dohring as Coop
Elizabeth Johnson as Lisa
Josh Zuckerman as Toby

How much longer can Mark Feuerstein keep playing the younger man? A few years ago he was Caroline in the City's younger man, and more recently he was a young judge on "Ally McBeal." He was also a cutie as Conrad Bloom.

Wow, so Eli is hooking up with Ross's ("Friends") ex-girlfriend?

Once and Again always does some great casting. Nevermine the two mentioned above, then we have Robin from "General Hospital" and Mr. Walsh from "Beverly Hills 90210."

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